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GR Professional Services G R Professional Services
39 Lessingham Road
Widnes, Cheshire WA8 9FU
United Kingdom
Phone : +44 (0)151 420 7605
Fax : +44 (0)151 422 9374
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Who we are

G R Professional Services is an expert Consultancy set up by Girish Rao in June 1998, in the North West of England. His knowledge and expertise in technology and management and the skills of his associates form the basis of our service offering. We have clients in the UK, Continental Europe, Middle East and Asia. In addition to the consultancy business, our objective is to develop innovative new products.

Our Accreditation

Girish Rao is a member of Energy Institute UK as an approved Energy Saving Consultant.

Our Mission - Help businesses make more money

  • We offer specialised expert advice in a practical and down to earth manner.
  • We won�t bore you with management buzzwords, theoretical concepts and beautiful charts.
  • Instead, we shall focus on what your business really needs in today's highly competitive world.
  • We shall get our hands dirty and work with your staff to achieve success.
  • We can help you to generate new ideas and opportunities.
  • If you already have ideas, we can help you to implement them.
  • If you have problems, we can help you to solve them.
Our key service areas

Increase profits by exploiting innovation, design and engineering
  • Introduce new products.
  • Reduce the cost of existing products.
  • Add value and customise existing products to attract new markets.
  • Solve problems and improve performance.
Increase profits by reducing energy consumption
  • Site Energy Audits and Specific Measures Assessment.
  • Help to implement energy saving ideas.
Increase profits by liaison with developing countries like India
  • Identify and analyse opportunities in these overseas markets.
  • Develop representation and partnerships to establish and grow sales.
  • If appropriate, transfer technology and establish local manufacturing in part or full.
  • Reduce product costs by sourcing components from low cost countries.
  • Use offshore services for engineering and software development.
Help with specialised knowledge and expertise in specific technical areas
  • Electrical Fusegear and Switchgear
  • Testing and certification
  • 3D Dynamic simulation
  • Design of microcontroller based products and systems
Help with technology management
  • Strategic planning for technology.
  • Guidance to technical managers.
  • Coaching and training of technical staff.
Depending on your needs, we could help you in one or more of the following roles: Advisor, Analyst, Catalyst, Coach, Co-ordinator, Critic, Expert, Liaison, Mentor, Non-Exec. Director

Our fee structure

Competitive and commensurate with our expertise and the challenges of the task. Can be tailored to suit client's wishes with a combination of per diem rates, retainers, project fees, share of resultant profits etc.

Our Voluntary Code of Conduct

  • We shall always strive to give professional assistance of high quality.
  • We shall undertake an assignment only when we have the required capabilities and resources and when we feel reasonably confident that the desired outcome can be achieved.
  • Our proposals shall be consistent with the true and realistic needs of the client's business.
  • We shall always advocate the utilisation of the internal resources of the client for as many activities in a project as possible, if such resources have the required skills and are available.
  • We shall maintain absolute confidentiality of the assignment and the relevant Information.
  • We shall not accept an assignment that may cause a conflict of interest with another client of ours.
  • We shall respect the right of the clients to run their businesses and shall neither interfere with the organisation structure nor operate beyond the management's control.
  • We shall give our considered professional opinions, when sought, without favour or fear.
  • We shall always agree with the client the scope of work, desired outcome and the terms of reference for all chargeable assignments.
  • We shall maintain a high standard of professional and ethical conduct in all our dealings.

Our Expertise

Girish Rao, Managing Consultant, is a graduate in electrical engineering with excellent academic record and 25 years of experience in engineering and management with reputed firms in increasingly senior positions, the last position being Group Technical Director & Operations Director with GEC Alsthom at Liverpool. During his career in the electrical industry, he established and nurtured engineering facilities at four different sites and envisioned and led eight major new product introductions and several short-term projects, to successful commercial implementation. In addition to the expertise in materials, processes, modern engineering techniques and management, he also has a thorough understanding of manufacturing, finance, IT and the business context in a competitive global environment. As a consultant, he has helped many companies to benefit from technology, innovation and engineering.

We also have access to expert associates with long industrial experience and proven record of accomplishment of achievements in design, engineering and manufacturing.

Brief personal and career details Girish Rao

Date of Birth : 25 August 1951 - Nationality : British

June 98 onwards: Managing Consultant G R Professional Services
  • Expert and independent advice on innovation, engineering and management.
  • Helping firms to enhance profits by investment in technology.
Sep 91 - Mar 98 : GEC Alsthom T & D LVE Ltd., Liverpool, UK - Tech / Group Tech Director / Opns Director
  • Led the development of a new range of world class Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers.
  • Established and nurtured an international design centre in India.
  • Co-ordinated the worldwide design and engineering activities of the LV Group.
Feb 89 - Sep 91 : English Electric, Pondicherry, India : Project Manager / General Manger
  • Established a new factory on a green field site to manufacture of Contactors and Relays.
Aug 77 - Feb 89 : English Electric, Madras, India : Development / Sr Development Engineer
  • Developed many new products - Fuses, Switches, MCBs, RCDs, MCCBs and Switchboards etc.
  • Established and nurtured new design and engineering facilities at two locations.
June 73 - Aug 77 : Larsen & Toubro, Bombay, India : Engineer
  • Executed many short-term projects engineering projects in LV Fusegear and Switchgear.