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Welcome to Haughton Product Design, we design for you to profit.

Design consultancy & business Haughton Design is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy, which approaches design not only from a creative and functional level but from a business level, too. From concept to final working product, Haughton Design is committed to providing clients with strategic design solutions which are market-orientated, practical and above all, cost-effective.

Design for our client's benefit Our designers are passionate about the application of first class design, to achieve established goals for clients. Our strength is in our diversity of experience, ever-broadening from work in various fields and markets, then applying this experience to our client's benefit.

Concept and design engineering
HD's team create innovative concepts whilst working closely with our clients throughout every stage of a product's development until completion. Their combined product and engineering design skills means our clients benefit from expertise rarely available from pure concept or engineering design agencies. As part of HD's enviable new product design service we provide full and ongoing support to develop long term design relationships. Familiarity with our team and consultancy services means our clients benefit from rapid product start up and retained IP (Intellectual Property.).

Manufacturing knowledge and design support
Our consultant's up to date knowledge within the manufacturing industry allows our clients to take full advantage of the latest techniques. This knowledge, combined with our extended team of specialist consultants & partners adds further depth and expertise for our clients to fully exploit.

A design agency to help clients prosper
HD is sited on the Technology Park in Stafford, Staffordshire so we are centrally located to serve the East or West Midlands, Birmingham, Manchester and the North West region too. We are a friendly and open design agency committed to helping our clients prosper. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, then please give us a call.