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Textile Design - Interior Textile Products and Design

Contact: Mrs Kaniez Braganza MA(RCA)

Kaniez Abdi speciality lies in creating cutting-edge textiles that immediately transform any interior space - large or domestic in scale, contemporary or classic.

Highly experimental and accomplished in approach, she uses a wide range of techniques including hand sewing, machine embroidery, bonding, heating, painting and digital printing.

Kaniez produces innovative textile pieces which encompass Textile Art, Wall Hangings, Lampshades, Wall Lighting, Digital Prints, Furniture, Cushions and Soft Furnishings.

Abdi commented, “I create textiles to be more like couture - exquisitely constructed and one-off. They are often made from unconventional materials and a plethora of construction methods which together create a luxurious, fashion-forward look and feel.”

43 Rivermead Road
GU15 2SD
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01276-682155
Mobile: 0780 181 6377