• How to use the directory
  • How to add an entry
  • How to amend an entry
  • Recommendation Service
  • Who uses the Directory
  • Types of listing
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  • How to use the Directory

    There are three ways to use the Directory

    1. Find consultants by their design skills, name or location.

    Search the Directory
    2. Ask us to locate a consultant for you.

    Design Advice
    3. Browse the alphabetical lists of consultants, these pages contain details of the newest consultants on the Directory and those with additional information on their entries.

    Architectural Design
    Broadcast Design
    Engineering Design
    Exhibition Design
    Fashion Design
    Graphic Design
    Product Design
    Interior Design - Commercial
    Interior Design - Domestic
    Interior Textiles Design
    Internet Design

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    How to add an entry

    There is an online application form. Details are usually added within a few days.

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    How to amend an entry

    Details can be amended using the online application form.

    Tick the check box to indicate that this is an amendment of an existing entry. You only need to input details that have changed along with your company name.

    Details are usually amended within a few days.

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    Who uses the Directory

    Lots of people is the simple answer. Over 20 000 each month. The Directory is used by people all over the world looking for specific design consultants who they cannot find directly or for design consultants with the skills to carry out particular design projects.

    We know this because examination of logs generated by the server show exactly how people find our site and what key words they use to arrive here from search engines. We also know what companies are visiting the site again from the statistical logs but also because they contact us directly to ask our advice.

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    Types of listing

    Any practising design consultant can have a free entry in the Directory, but with 10 000 entries in the directory it makes sense to try and make your entry easier to find.

    For only £55-00/annum your entry can appear in the main A-Z category listing pages in bold, a short description will be added and it will also be indexed by additional design skills making it easier to locate in the search index.

    For £90-00/annum  you can have in addition to the above as much text as you wish on your entry and your logo. This is even more effective as you can give details not only of your design capabilities, but also your clients and recent projects.

    Make your entry more exciting and accessible by including a photograph of your work. This can be changed as often as you like throughout the year and will also appear in the showcase page. Don't forget that some search engines can be used to specifically find images. The charge for each photograph and as many changes as you like plus a caption is only £33-00.

    The Directory is extremely flexible, have a look at some pages which are a bit different.

    You can have whatever information you like on your entry or advertise on our homepage, the busiest page on the site. Get in touch if you need more information or use the form.

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    Privacy Policy

    Our Privacy Policy is available here - Privacy Policy